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Falcon Medical Group Incorporation was founded on April 26, 2007 primarily as a sleep lab in the greater Orlando Florida. It had ad hoc sleep neurologists who used to interpret the sleep studies. Over the period of time, occasional video EEGs were done and a clinic was started. Dr. Jaivir
Rathore and one of his former co-fellows from the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center; joined the group as members of the advisory panel in 2020 during the peak of Covid-19 when not only the Falcon Medical Group was severely affected but the entire healthcare system of the United States was in distress. Falcon continued to serve its patients relentlessly and fared well during the hardship of Covid-19. At this critical juncture; in early
2022; Dr. Jaivir Rathore took charge of Falcon as its President, CEO and Medical Director after leaving his position as the Director of Epilepsy Section at one of the largest private medical groups, The Watson Clinic and the 5th largest hospital in the state of Florida, The Lakeland Regional
Health. Dr. Rathore reinvented the practice and founded the Falcon Advanced Neurology & Epilepsy Freedom Center (FANEFC), a center of excellence for seizures, sleep disorders and a comprehensive neurological medical center with two additional clinics serving The Villages region (The largest retirement community in the entire world) in collaboration with Tricounty Health. 

The Falcon group is now serving one of the largest areas of central Florida in and around the greater Orlando metropolitan region. FANEFC now has state of the art 4 bed (adult and pediatrics) Epilepsy Monitoring Unit(EMU), the oldest privately held EMU in the state of Florida, where routine office based as well as inpatient long term continuous monitoring (up to 7 days) Video EEG tests are done and if needed it has the capabilities to do cloud based Video EEGs at patient's home. Falcon is also an American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited Sleep Center, where a variety of sleep disorders including but not limited to insomnia, narcolepsy with or without cataplexy, parasomnias, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) etc. are
treated. In the sleep lab overnight polysomnography (PSG) with PAP titrations are frequently done by our Registered Sleep Technologists and if
needed home sleep tests are also available. The Falcon Advanced Neurology & Epilepsy Freedom Center is now 'Care Connected" with the prestigious Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida especially for surgical cases. With this collaboration, we offer quick and timely tertiary and surgical care for our patients.

The FANEFC also offers a variety of clinical trials to its eligible patients and is now an international center for Neurology Pre-Residency
Training (NPRT) and Epilepsy Mini-Fellowship (EMF) educational programs. FANEFC is dedicated to neurology with special emphasis on epilepsy and seizure disorders. Its President and CEO, Dr. Jaivir Rathore, is one the select few epilepsy specialists in the state of Florida to be honored by
the American Epilepsy Society in 2021 with its coveted award of "FAES" (Fellow of American Epilepsy Society), a hallmark of several years of
dedication, commitment and excellence in epilepsy clinical care, research and education. Dr. Rathore is also currently serving as the Co-Chairman ofthe Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.



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