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Patient Testimonials

  • I think the time Dr. Rathore spends on going over what to expect is very good. My condition was not diagnosed until I saw Dr. Rathore and with his treatment I see a good amount of improvement. I am sleeping better, I am walking better and over all doing better. My wife also agrees.

    - Leonard V.
  • I am very happy, I was getting headaches every day. I was under care of another neurologist but my headaches were not fully controlled. I was still getting bad headaches every day. Ever since I saw Dr. Rathore, with his treatment, my headaches are nearly gone, thank God. I was so happy I started crying when I called my daughter, finally I have my life back. Earlier I couldn't do anything. I can't express in words, how good I feel now. God bless Dr. Rathore and his staff which is amazing.

    Show More - Julisa P.
  • I had tremors for which I saw other neurologist who told me it is essential tremors, saw Dr. Rathore and he diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease and the medication has helped with my tremors. Over all feeling better.

    - Keith B.
  • New patient and follow up appointments were very in depth of my husband’s diagnosis with next steps each time. Dr Rathore also helped him find a generic alternative to very expensive anti-seizure medication saving us thousands of dollars.

    - Susan R.
  • Dr Rathore has been extremely helpful treating my father during this difficult time. He is very knowledgeable and effectively communicates with us in a way we can all understand. He is very professional but still personable. We highly recommend his services.

    - Ken M.

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